Dental hygienist
Healthy teeth start with you

Visit our dental hygienist or prevention assistant regularly for good oral health.

Healthy teeth start with you

It is important to regularly visit our dental hygienist or prevention assistant for:

  • Prevention & Instructions
  • Removing tartar & plaque
  • Treating gum problems
  • Beautiful clean teeth and good oral health


Gum score

The dental hygienist or prevention assistant will start by taking the PPS score. This is how the health of the gums is determined.


The teeth can be cleaned both ultrasonically and manually. This removes the tartar and plaque.


After cleaning, the dental hygienist or prevention assistant will polish the teeth. This removes stains and makes your teeth feel fresh and smooth again.


If necessary, the dental hygienist or prevention assistant will give additional instructions on how best to keep healthy teeth and gums.

Meet the specialists

Lucia Rojas Hernandez

Dental Hygienist

Mondzorgkunde Academisch Centrum voor Tandheelkunde

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the dental hygienist and prevention assistant?

The main difference is that a dental hygienist is a HBO-trained paramedic, who is constantly tested against the quality requirements. The title dental hygienist is therefore a title protected by the BIG Act. The tasks performed by the dental hygienist are primarily aimed at prevention - preventing gum problems and cavities in the teeth (caries). The dental hygienist is specialized in the treatment of gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. This is part of the curative treatments. This combination of tasks makes the dental hygienist a specialist in the field of general oral health.

The prevention assistant is a dental assistant who has completed an additional course to become a prevention assistant. The prevention assistant has no independent or functional authorization for dental procedures and may only do this under the supervision of a dental hygienist or dentist.

His or her job is mainly aimed at preventing gum problems and caries. In addition, the prevention assistant may only perform light, healing treatments in patients with superficial gum problems.

Which codes are used for dental cleaning?

Our prevention assistants work with the fixed rates and the so-called M codes. The most commonly used codes are M01 (instruction) and M03 (cleaning). These codes are calculated per 5 minutes.

Our dental hygienist works with the established rates and the so-called T codes. You can request a budget for the extensive treatments at the dental hygienist.