Do you have a dental emergency and are you registered at de Tandenpraktijk? Call us on 020- 61 50 315.

You can reach us on workdays from 9AM till 4PM.

We always try to see you the same day if you call us before 10AM. Otherwise we can refer you to de Tandartsspoedpraktijk in the hospital OLVG.

If you have extreme pain when de Tandenpraktijk is closed or is there emergency? Contact the Tandartsspoedpraktijk OLVG: 0900 8602. Tandartsspoedpraktijk OLVG is located in the OLVG hospital, Oosterpark 9, 1091 AC Amsterdam. Be sure to have a pen and paper by your side to take notes on the appointment.


As your dental practice we like to focus on you. We rather take care of you then spending time on financial administration. That is why we let Infomedics process all our financial administration and your invoices.

You can find the established nationwide dental care prices here:

Rates and insurance

Dental care for children under the age of 18 is covered by the insurance. With the exception of orthodontic treatments.


All claims for treatment at De Tandenpraktijk are handled by Infomedics.

Our invoices are sent through Infomedics. They maintain a 30 day due date policy. In case of missing a payment, Infomedics will charge interest rate as defined by law over the (remaining) outstanding amount. We regularly get overviews from Infomedics regarding the payment status. In the event that your claim shows up on the list 'Dubieuze debiteuren'(Suspicious debtors), all future planned appointments will be postponed until all outstanding balance has been settled.

Do you have a question regarding an invoice from Infomedics? Please contact them directly: Infomedics


Of course we try to give all of our visitors the best experience at de Tandenpraktijk. But if a problems occurs we hope you will let us know as soon as possible. We take complaints very seriously and would like to get in contact so we can come to a solution together.

Information & complaints procedure

If we can't make it work, you could gather information at the Tandheelkundig information punt (TIP). The TIP is created by de Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij tot bevordering de Tandheelkunde (KNMT).