A pleasant interaction and good communication is nice for everyone. For that reason we uphold a few house rules.

General regulations

Violence, intimidation, discrimination and other inappropriate behavior are not allowed in de Tandenpraktijk. Weapons and other dangerous objects are forbidden. De Tandenpraktijk expects respectful behavior from all of our visitors.


Prior to larger treatment plans you will receive an estimate for the costs. We advise you to check the estimate costs carefully, we can only start with the treatment if you agree with the costs.


If you call us and hear our voicemail please take time to listen all the way through. There could be important information on it.

Your property

Please guard your own property. De Tandenpraktijk cannot be held liable for damage, theft or loss of your property. We advice you to not leave your property unattended.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs

Smoking is not allowed in our practice. Visitors who are under influence of alcohol or drugs are not welcome at de Tandenpraktijk.


Our team has reserved time for your appointment. Should you not be able to attend, we expect you to let us know within a reasonable timeframe. Should you show up late you run the risk of us not being able to complete the reason for your appointment, or cancel it entirely. If you can't make it to your appointment, please let us know by phone no later than 48 hours in advance. Appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays should be cancelled before 15:00 on the Friday before. If you do not cancel your appointment in time, the reserved timeslot shall be billed to you in full. Repeatedly not showing up to an appointment or repeatedly cancelling late risks you being unregistered from our patient registry.

Pain and emergency

If you call before 10:00am about acute pain or an emergency, we will try our very best to help you the same day. Should you call later in the day, we cannot guaranty same day service. We have fixed timeslots for treating acute pain. This means we cannot always accomodate your time preferences regarding work hours and school hours.

Appointment notification

We like to remind you of your future appointments. You will receive a confirmation email of the appointment 1 week and 2 days prior to the appointment. You will also receive a text message. No rights can be derived on this free service.

Your personal information up-to-date

You are responsible for giving us the right personal information like insurance, phone number and e-mail. Please make sure that we are informed if there are any changes in your personal information.