For a radiant white smile

Safe whitening from home

  • Naturally white teeth
  • Home whitening for convenience
  • Reusable bleaching system

How it works…

First appointment

The assistant makes an impression of your teeth. The dental technician makes a custom-made flexible whitening tray.

Second appointment

During a second appointment you will receive detailed instructions, after which you take the whitening spoon and the whitening gel home.

Home Bleaching

After getting the instructions you whiten your teeth at home, according to the treatment plan, with the whitening gel and the whitening trays.


If you have any questions or pain complaints in the meantime, please contact your dentist immediately for personal advice.

Meet the specialists

Jenny Smalen


Axe van der Meij

Dental Technician

Instituut Vakopleiding Tandtechniek

Would you like to make an appointment?

Before making an appointment for this treatment, we would like to see you first to discuss the options. You can contact us by phone or send us an email to make an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all teeth be whitened?

Fillings, veneers (a shield made of porcelain or composite), crowns and bridges do not change color during a whitening treatment. A whitening treatment for those teeth is therefore pointless. Therefore, visit your dentist or dental hygienist before whitening your teeth.

How much does it cost to have your teeth whitened?

The costs of having a custom-made home bleaching system manufactured by us are €350.

How long after bleaching can I take colored food and drinks?

We recommend waiting 24 hours after bleaching before eating and drinking products with a lot of color. Think of red wine, coffee, tea and spicy food.

Can Sensitivity Occur After Bleaching?

Sometimes teeth whitening can cause temporary discomfort. This may be related to exposed dentine. We therefore recommend that you consult with one of our dentists prior to the appointment for the print of the whitening trays.